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Known for its almost exact likeness of the H1 Hummer, the Rhino Buggies Hammer is an all round tough and durable beast.  Featuring in international films, including the next installment to the X-Men series, Rhino Buggies H1 Hummer replicas are backed by a solid and recognized reputation all around the world.

At a fraction of the price of the original H1 Hummer, the Rhino Buggies Hummer Replica performs equally as well in the hard core off-road terrain as it does dropping the kids off at school and around the city.  These babies are not fuel guzzlers either.  A quick and simple conversion to LP Gas or diesel model makes these totally cool machines affordable to run every day

Get your hands dirty......
rhino buggy - Hummer replica The beauty of Rhino Buggies is that they are based on the all conquering Nissan Patrol, which means if you can source one or already own one, your Rhino Buggies Hummer is only a body kit, a tool kit and a shed away.

Get started from as little as $14,990 for your complete Rhino Buggies Hummer Replica body kit.

Follow this link to find out more about the build process or click here for your copy of a Rhino Buggies Fact Sheet complete with prices and a build and registration summary.

Documentary of a Rhino Buggies Build

Rhino Buggies is building a head turning, traffic stopping, show standard vehicle. And we are documenting this build every step of the way. Why not check out our build journal. It is full of pics and walks you through the entire vehicle build process. Last updated on the 18th May 2010.

Rhino Buggies is proud to be featured in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Check out the trailer and keep your eyes open for Rhino Buggies Hammers being driven, thrashed and crashed in spectacular style.  See one of our cars fly through the sky.  If you can take your eyes of the car for a second, look carefully for Wolverine who is hurtling towards the chopper.  Be patient you may have to wait a few minutes for the video to load.  Follow this link to a high quality trailer. 
Owning your own H1 Hummer Replica has never been so easy.  If you are feeling handy you can build it yourself, or take advantage of the Rhino Buggies Workshop where your H1 Hummer Replica or a Blizzard will be custom built just for you to suit your budget.  From a rolling chassis through to a fully built and registered beast, Rhino Buggies can help you all the way. 


The long awaited Rhino Buggies Blizzard has been released for sale.   With a unique body shape that will turn every head, this machine truly is a one of a kind.  Also based on the Nissan Patrol, the Rhino Buggies Blizzard is available as a Kit ready to be built or organise to have it built for you.  To get more info about the Blizzard including models and prices click here.

Click here to see the latest build photos

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